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Hey guys, I'm felling really sorry for being inactive for soooo Long and I don't know if I will make new Icons soon. If've making them since 2006 and I would like to thank you all for supporting me:****
I wasn't the most epic icon maker with much input but thanks to these guys who find me and comment at my journal. Maybe winter brings some calm moments for creating new ones but for now I just will take a look at your amazing stuff in here.

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Movie/Glee Icons.

My fav movies:D

» Enjoy.Comment.Credit.♥
»You can friend me for watching my icons☺


Zombieland│Death Proof│Little Miss Sunshine│Juno│
Alice in Wonderland│Inception│Inglourious Basterds│Glee


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Hey Iconlovers♥
I decided too upload a new coloring PSD because I just love that coloring. It will need some explanations and individuell changes for each icon (some times it could be too overpowered or saturated/contrasted). But I will give you examples of bases which fit good:D

Please Comment if you take

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